Conservation Commission

3 Year Term.
The basic purpose of the Conservation Commission is found in RSA 36-A:2, which defines its mission a "the proper utilization and protection of the natural resources and ... the protection of watershed resources ... of the town".
Five wetlands throughout the Israel River area in the Town of Randolph have been identified, inventoried, and assessed as part of an initiative to maintain good water quality and habitat diversity throughout the Town of Randolph.

Recent Studies:

Functional Assessment of Israel River Wetlands
Functional Assessment of The Moose River
Natural Resource Study

Contact Linda Dupont at the Selectmen's Office for meeting times.


Conservation Commission

James Hunt

Term Expires 2022

Bruce Krimmse

Term Expires 2022

Roberta Arbree

Term Expires 2021

Walter Graff

Term Expires 2021

Gary Newfield

Term Expires 2021

Nathan Peters

Term Expires March 2022

Jennifer Barton

Term Expires March 2020
Town of Randolph NH