Town Officials


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AMBULANCE  Call  911



Dana Horne, Chief

Gorham provides emergency dispatch service for Fire, Police, and Life Squad


RANDOLPH POLICE  Call 911 or 466-3950

G. Alan Lowe Jr., Chief

If there is no response from the Randolph Police, contact State Police at 1-800-842-3411.






ASSESSORS 466-5771

The Selectmen are the Assessors for the Town, assisted by a contracted professional assessing company. 


You may obtain a copy of your Property Record Card from the Town Office, or by email from the Selectmen.  Please include your Map and Lot number.


If you are elderly, disabled, blind, a veteran or veteran’s spouse, you may be eligible for a tax exemption or credit. If you feel you may be eligible, you must apply prior to April 15th to be considered for the next tax cycle. For details and application information, contact the Selectmen’s office.


The taxpayer may, by March 1st following the date of notice of tax, and not afterward, apply in writing to the Assessors/Selectmen for a tax abatement http://www.nh.gov/btla/forms/documents/municipal-abatement.pdf or deferral or if are unable to pay taxes due to poverty or other good cause.


Records pertaining to property assessment are maintained by the Selectmen.  For change of name or mailing address please fill out Change of Address Request Form (PDF), sign, and either mail or email a scanned copy of the request form to the Selectmen.



A building permit is required when: a building or structure is constructed, relocated, demolished, outside dimensions are altered, or when a project other than normal maintenance exceeds $4,000.00.  Permit applications may be obtained from the Selectmen’s office or downloaded here Building Permit rev 4-2014 (Word)All building permits are governed by the Land Use Ordinance. A demolition permit is required for any partial or full removal of a structure. Permit applications may be obtained from the Selectmen’s office or downloaded here Demolition Permit 7-2015 (Word).


BURNING PERMITS 603-662-4050

Jeffery Parker, Forest Fire Warden

A permit must be obtained from Jeffery Parker or Alan Lowe for any outdoor fire.



Business use of a property is governed by the Land Use Ordinance and may also be subject to Site Plan Review by the Planning Board. Please contact the Selectmen’s office with questions.


CEMETERY 466-5771

Steven Hartman , Chairman

Our cemeteries are public. Applications for plots can be obtained from the Trustees (or from the Selectmen’s office which will submit them to the Board of Cemetery Trustees).


CONSERVATION COMMISSION  ConsCon@randolph.nh.gov

Bruce Kirmmse, Chairman

The Conservation Commission meets at 7 PM at the Town Hall.  All meetings are open to the public.



Anne Kenison, Town Clerk

Dog licenses must be obtained or renewed by the end of April each year.



A driveway permit is required for driveways entering a Town road.  Permit applications may be obtained from the Selectmen’s office or downloaded here Driveway Permit rev 4-2014 (Word).



Please swim only at the Ravine House Pool.

Residents may rent the Pavilion for private functions and parties.  Contact the Town Office for information.




FIRE STATION / MUNICIPAL BUILDING (not staffed) 466-3911


FOREST COMMISSION  Forest@randolph.nh.gov

John Scarinza, Chairman


The Forest Commission meets at 7PM at the Town Hall on the first Wednesday of the month.  All meetings are open to the public.



The land use ordinance is available at the Selectmen’s Office or download here 

Land Use Ordinance rev 03-13-2018(PDF).


LIBRARY 466-5408   https://sites.google.com/site/randolphpubliclibrary130/home

Steve Teczar, Chairman Board of Trustees  [Please see Library website for Trustees’ meeting schedule.]

Yvinne Jenkins, Library Director

Hours:  Monday 3 PM to 8 PM; Wednesday 3 PM to 8 PM; Friday 10 AM to 12 Noon; Saturday 10 AM to Noon


MUNICIPAL BUILDING, Pinkham “B” Road  (not staffed) 466-3911


PLANNING BOARD  Planning@randolph.nh.gov

John Scarinza, Chairman

The planning board meets at 7PM at the Town Hall on the first Thursday of the month.  All meetings are open to the public.

The Randolph 2016 Master Plan can be found here:  Randolph 2016 Masterplan.pdf



David Ruble, Chairman. 

Call the Chairman for dates and times of meetings.  All meetings are open to the public.



Please see information under Trash.



Kevin Rousseau, Road Agent

Please notify The Road Agent at 466-5185 if you have any issues or concerns with the road conditions.



Randolph belongs to the GRS Cooperative School District.  District information can be found at the SAU20 website http://www.sau20.org/minutes/coop.php .


SELECTMEN   466-5771

Michele Cormier& Lauren Bradley, Co-Chairman , John Turner, Selectman

The Selectmen meet at 7PM at the Town Hall on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. Please contact the office to set up an appointment to meet with Selectmen.  All meetings are open to the public.



A sign permit is required for freestanding and signs attached to buildings. Signs are regulated by the Land Use Ordinance.  Permit applications may be obtained from the Selectmen’s office or downloaded here Sign Permit rev 4-2014 (Word).



Subdivisions are controlled by the Land Use Ordinance and the Subdivision Regulations.  Copies of both are available at the Selectmen’s Office.  Download here Land Use Ordinance rev 03-11-2014 (PDF), or   Site Plan Review Regulations 4-09-07 (PDF).  or  Subdivision Regulations rev 01-06-2011 (PDF) or Subdivision Application.doc (Word). Application or questions should be made to the Planning Board.



Anne Kenison, Tax Collector;   Linda Dupont, Deputy Tax Collector 

The tax collector is available by appointment.


TOWN CLERK 466-5771

Anne Kenison, Clerk;   Suzanne Lowe-Santos, Deputy Clerk

The Town Clerk (or Deputy) is available at the Town Hall form 9 AM to 11 AM every Monday, and 7 PM to 9 PM every Wednesday.  Please arrange to do your business at these times.

Absentee Ballot Application Absentee Ballot Application  (May be scanned and emailed to Town Clerk) TownClerk@randolph.nh.gov .   To Check on Status of your Application: http://app.sos.nh.gov/

NH Voter Registration Information http://sos.nh.gov/RegVote.aspx


TOWN OFFICE (Selectmen’s Office) 466-5771 Selectmen@randolph.nh.gov




Household Trash  Must be bagged and preferably in a closed container and is picked up every Tuesday, beginning at 7 AM.  Due to Bears and Crows, do not put out trash before Tuesday Morning. 


SPECIAL NOTICE:  Items containing mercury must not be placed in your trash   These include: florescent blubs (including compact bulbs), thermometers, thermostats, mercury button cell batteries, some switches and relays.  They can be disposed of on hazardous waste collection day. http://www.avrrdd.org/avrrdd-hazardous-waste-hazardous-household-waste-nh.html .  Florescent bulbs may also be dropped off at the recycling center http://www.avrrdd.org/avrrdd-transfer-station-nh.html


Do not include construction debris, yard waste, brush, metal, or wood – these may be taken to the AVRRDD facility (see Bulky Waste).


Do not place hazardous waste in your trash.  Hazardous waste will be collected at the special times during the year. – see info on hazardous waste at : http://www.avrrdd.org/avrrdd-hazardous-waste-hazardous-household-waste-nh.html


Recyclables must be separated and are collected on the first Saturday of each month. (Note the change in day)  Recycling Brochure (pdf)   


Recycling bins are available at Town Hall for $6 each.  


Recyclables may also be dropped off at the AVRRDD recycling center – see info at http://www.avrrdd.org/avrrdd-recycling-center-nh.html.


Bulky Waste, Scrap Metal, Scrap Wood, Brush, Construction Debris, Tires, Refrigerators, and Air Conditioners may be taken to the AVRRDD recycling facility on Rt. 110, Berlin.  A permit is required and is available for personal use to residents and land owners from the Town Office. A fee is charged for tires and items containing refrigerant. See info at http://www.avrrdd.org/avrrdd-transfer-station-nh.html.



Last Updated 08-03-2018 For Comments, Corrections, Etc contact the Selectmen